About Me


Thank you for checking out my website! If you're reading this I'm guessing there's some interest you have in my work.
 My name is Christian and I've lived most of my life in the PNW. I love the outdoors and everything that Oregon/Washington has to offer.
During College I signed with a local agency and have been in the modeling industry for the past 5 years. I developed a definitive taste in photography: work that I loved and admired, along with work that I recognized as sub-par.
It soon became my goal as a model to get behind the lens and do some of my own work! It's been an incredible ride; learning and developing my own person editing style, and connecting with other professionals in the industry.

Dont hesitate to email me for shooting rates! I hope to meet you soon and discover what incredible images we can produce together! 








Tel: 360-487-6494

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